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We love discussing sex and sexuality at Taboo Request, and we’re happy to go beyond blogging with our conversation. We want to share our knowledge and the unique insights we’ve gained over the years as professional phone sex operators. Please check back often!

The Latest Sex Articles and Essays at Taboo Request: No Taboo Discussions On All Fetishes & Fantasies

Mature Fetish Phone Sex Fantasies: Older Women Sex Sessions aged like fine wine phone sex women offer experience and fantasy fulfillment.

Quality Phone Sex Sessions with a Horny Girl a quick guide on how to create a quality sexual experience with a hot and horny phone sex operator.

Live Phone Sex with Taboo Girls: An Instant Gratification Sexual Experience live phone sex sessions with extreme girls offer an amazing instant gratification sexual experience that’s better than porn.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex Session: Call For Foot Fetish Sex foot fetish and shoe fetish sex fantasies with the Taboo Request girls.

No Taboo Teen Phone Sex & Hot Teenage Sex Scenarios: The Babysitter Sex Fantasy Role Play babysitter role play ideas with our hot taboo young teens.

Incest Phone Sex: Taboo Daddy Daughter Sex Fantasy the first in a series of discussions regarding incest fantasies offered at Taboo Request. This covers daddy daughter incest phone sex.

Ultimate Cuckold Taboo Sex Fantasy: Forced Bisexuality & Cock Sucking an exploration of the ultimate cuckold fantasy of forced bisexuality and forced cock sucking.

Fat Girl Fetish: Your Sensual SSBBW Phone Sex Fantasies Come To Life sensual suggestions and call ideas to play with a SSBBW phone sex girl.

Public Humiliation Fantasies: Twisted Plans From a Twisted Mistress the twisted humiliation Mistress’ role in fulfilling an extreme public humiliation fantasy for a submissive caller.

Little Girl Fetish Fantasies: Taboo Little Girls our no taboo discussion of the little girl fetish and fantasy, and what we consider our role to be in fulfilling that fantasy as no limit operators.