All Calls $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum, or order a 5 minute call for only $15.00. We accept all major credit cards, and charges appear discreetly on your statement as "Affinity Network".


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What is the hottest fetish that you have to offer?

We have so many fetishes to offer, it’s hard to pick out the hottest one. This is definitely the place to call for no taboo and no restriction fetish fantasies. We have sweet young girls (age 18+, of course) to fulfill the naughtiest incest fantasy you can come up with. There are sensual mistresses available to fulfill all of those scenes where the caller is completely under the fetish phone sex operator’s control.

It’s so impossible to define for all people because there is a huge spectrum out there, but be assured that there is a hot and sexy lady just waiting to help you fulfill them.

What should I expect from a fetish phone call?

You can expect to fully experience your fetish fantasy with one of our very erotic phone sex operators. First, you will establish what your fetish is with the girl of your dreams and then set up a scene or role play. Remember you are in a completely safe place, so don’t hold back. The naughtier you are, the better the end will be!

Why should I choose a fetish phone call?

That is one easy question. There is such a broad spectrum of fetishes that you can get anything that makes you hot. You can switch them up or even make a combination of two or three. The sky is the limit for our fetishist callers.

Can I get these kinds of calls all of the time?

Yes you can! We are a 24/7 phone sex service. Our live operators are available any time of the day or night and even holidays. We are here to serve your completely and always when your needs pop up.

Find Fetish Operators:

Find Fetish Phone Sex Operators Now!

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