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What is a humiliation phone sex call?

A humiliation call is full of all kinds of fun and naughtiness, for the mistress, at least. Your humiliation phone sex mistress will berate and belittle you, until you feel like crying or get so embarrassed that you cannot even speak. There are all kinds of humiliation fantasies you can have!

Can you give me examples of Humiliation Fantasies?

There are lots of humiliation fantasies you can play. Imagining anything that makes you feel bad and turns you on at the same time, is a great start. Here are a few examples of our callers’ favorites. Cuckold humiliation and little dick humiliation scenarios are the most popular. There are also Femdomme and Feminization scenes that play out well with everyone involved. All you have to do is tell your mistress what you are looking for and she will make it happen.

I want to turn the call around, can that be done?

Oh, so you want to be the one to force the Humiliation. That is easily done. We have girls who will take it all and do exactly as you say. If you want her to eat dinner out of the dog bowl, while she is on all fours, she will do that for you in a heartbeat. You pick the humiliation game and she will play it with you.

Are These Calls Safe And Secure?

Yes! Every call that you make for a humiliation or any other kind of phone sex call is absolutely secure. There are no recordings and no third parties involved. There are only two people on the phone during your session. That is you and your lovely operator.

Find a Humiliation Mistress:

Find Humiliation Phone Sex Mistresses Now!

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