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What does mature mean in terms of a sexual conversation?

Mature is just another way to describe an older woman. The best example of a request for a mature woman is to call an older sexy woman a cougar. Think about it- this could be your mom’s best friend, a sexy MILF, your aunt, teacher, mom, or even grandmother. She is sexy and knows exactly what she wants because she has been around the block a time or two.

If you are looking for a nurturing fantasy or even just want to be a whole lot younger than your sexual playmate, the mature women are just right for you. Mature women also appeal to older men who typically have more in common with an older woman.

Is a mature call and an incest call the same thing?

Not necessarily! There are many mature women that you can have a sexual fantasy with that doesn’t involve someone you are related to. You can explore your naughty sexcapades with your neighbor perhaps- if you aren’t into incest and just love an older woman it will be a great fit.

Can I be dominating or do I have to be submissive?

That is totally up to you. You can choose one or the other to start off with, and even change in the middle, depending upon your mood. These mature ladies are very experienced and can turn your fantasy on a drop of a dime. They won’t even bat any eyelash if you want to be dominating all of a sudden- many are very effective when it comes to going with the flow and truly exploring.

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