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What exactly is a mommy fantasy about?

There are lots of different scenarios for a mommy phone sex call. You can fulfill a fantasy about your “real” mom, discuss a step mom, or just a general hot MILF you might know. Many callers like to have mommy calls where they get to play the “baby’ boy and get into all kinds of naughty fun- a baby based role play will apply to fans of the AB/DL (adult baby / diaper lover) fetish. Others are drawn to a sensual and care giving mother while others fall on the other end of the spectrum and seek out the most dominant mom available. It’s truly up to you!

What kind of mommies do I have to choose from? Do you have one like Mrs. Robinson?

We have quite a few hot looking mommies that will fit perfectly with your older woman fantasy. We also have some great mothers who have an incest fantasy based approach, while others enjoy the fetish approach. It’s all about telling our versatile and no taboo operators about what YOU want, beacuse it truly is your call!

What would a fetish based approach look like, and do you have any suggestions?

It’s your call, you can set it up however you want. There are many fetishes you can add to a mommy call. There is always domination and submission to add in. Even sissy boy and adult baby fantasies are very popular with our mommies.

If you’re turned on by slut moms our horny moms will weave all kinds of things into your phone call. It’s impossible to list everything, so call in and simply let it unfold.

Do you recommend mommy calls for first time callers?

Actually, a mommy phone sex call would be a great way to start off. A mommy will make you feel very safe and secure, like being in your own little world. If you get antsy or nervous you will have one hot and sexy mom to get you to calm down and enjoy your mommy/son time with a nurturing and loving approach.

Find Mommy Fetish Operators:

Find Mommy Phone Sex Women Now!

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