All Calls $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum, or order a 5 minute call for only $15.00. We accept all major credit cards, and charges appear discreetly on your statement as "Affinity Network".


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Am I a sissy boy?

First of all, if you are asking this question, you probably are. Sissy boys act like girls. They dress like girls and wanted to be treated like one. So in during a sissy phone sex call, you would assume the role as a girl.

You may like wearing stockings and panties during the bedroom and out in public. You may like using toys on parts of your hairless body that could be determined as more “female” like. If you have gotten then far, then look for a mistress to make you an even better sissy than you are right now.

Who offers sissy phone sex calls? What kind of girls?

There are all kinds of girls that do our sissy calls. We have young spoiled princesses that love to treat you like a sissy and take all your money. Also, we have hardcore mistresses that will turn you into a sissy while you are on your knees begging for more punishment and sissy humiliation.

Do I need anything with me when I make this kind of call?

Toys are always a good start. There is a lot of degradation and teasing going on during sissy calls. Sissy mistresses just love to play with different toys. Any kind of sex toy will do, along with miscellaneous objects you can find around the house. Use your imagination!

What happens during a sissy call?

To start off your mistress may have you dress up for her with pretty panties or some silky stockings. She may just have you undress, altogether instead. Then she will set parameters with you. Do you have any boundaries? Is there anything you really won’t do? Even though they are dominant, they still want you to enjoy your call. So, it is always best to set up guidelines during the beginning of the session.

Find Sissy Fantasy Operators:

Find Sissy Phone Sex Mistresses Now!

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