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Humiliation Fetish: CFNM Role Play Scenario

Humiliation phone sex is a popular request here at Taboo Request. Our dominant females love to tear you guys a new one with verbal humiliation and general cruelty and you seem to eat it up. There’s no accounting for loser taste I suppose. Point, laugh, repeat is all upside for us!
Here’s one we tend to enjoy right along with you: CFNM Public Humiliation sessions. For those not in the know CFNM stands for clothed female naked make and is the perfect set up for a public humiliation scenario. Picture it (we know you have)- you’re standing in a room filled with beautiful well dressed women.

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Impregnation Fantasy Phone Sex: Mommy Needs Your Sperm

They say your mommy is the first woman you ever have a sexual attraction to, but who’s to say that attraction ever dies? So many of our callers have mommy son incest sex fantasies, and impregnation role plays they wish they could live out. It isn’t all that hard to fathom, that you’ve been stroking your cock, thinking about how good it would feel to fuck mommy’s cunt.
Your mother just recently broke up with her long time boyfriend, and she’s being paying special attention to you now, since you’re the man of the house. She can’t help but notice what a big boy you’ve become, and you – as well as all your friends – have definitely

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BBW Phone Sex: Bigger Is Better

You pretty much took the cake (pun intended) when you became obsessed with BBW phone sex, and your addiction to fat girls. It started with chubby chaser porn, and spiraled out of control from there. Pretty soon you were jerking your cock to all kinds of fat girl porn, feeder and feedee fetish sites became your stomping ground, and it was clear to everyone who knew you, that you had a very specific type of girl that gets you off.
Of course your taste for big beautiful women didn’t stop online. You began going to the mall and other public places, food courts, restaurants, anywhere that there might be a chance of seeing a big, large woman, eating in public. Most of them didn’t even know

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Ageplay Phone Sex: I’ve Been A Very Bad Girl

When it comes to ageplay phone sex, one of my favorite fantasies is being a young cock tease who loves to push all of daddy’s buttons, until he just can’t take anymore. And I know you like it too, Daddy. I can see that cock of yours throbbing every time you thinking about little girls with nice young cunts, and all the ways you’d love to play with them.
But I’m talking specifically about bad girls that like push daddy’s limits. And the spankings they get when daddy’s had enough. Like your little girl coming home late, after curfew, wearing super short shorts that show off her ass crack, and those tiny tight

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Cuckold Phone Sex: Finding Out Your Wife Is A Cock Whore

Billy was your average guy, living an average life. He was married to a beautiful woman who kept house for him while he was working hard to bring home the bacon. Billy wasn’t the type of guy that would even thinking about calling a cuckold phone sex line, but all of that changed when he found out about his wife’s infidelity.

As it turns out, his wife had been having an affair with one of his neighbors, and he just so happened to walk in on them in the middle of his wife being pounded from behind. They didn’t see him, but Billy saw everything.

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Cuckold Phone Sex: My Husband’s Best Friend Is Hung Like A Horse

If you had asked me before I got married if I had ever imagined cuckolding my husband, I probably would’ve laughed it off. Then of course I met my husband, and his best friend, Todd, and it’s one of my favorite stories to tell during cuckold phone sex. My hubby and his best friend have known each other since high school, so of course it’s no surprise they spend a lot of time hanging out, and he’s always over at the house. Which is how I found out about Todd’s big 12 inch cock!
He’d been staying over after a night of drunken partying, and I just so happened to be coming down the hall, when he was coming out of the bathroom and adjusting his towel. That’s when I saw Todd’s big black cock.

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Ageplay Phone Sex: My First Time Masturbating

When it comes to naughty fantasies, nothing is hotter or naughtier than ageplay phone sex calls. So many men love hearing about little girls, and first time phone sex, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular fantasies to get your dick throbbing hard. Whenever I think of fingering a nice, tiny cunt, I always remember back to my very first time discovering my bald pussy, and all the things I could do with it!
I had gotten into daddy’s porno stash, and I don’t know what it was, but even though I was young, maybe too young to know what was happening in the pictures, I remember the way it made me feel. Especially when I turned the video on, and saw a really cute blonde girl

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BDSM Phone Sex: Cruel Devices

Hard day at work? Tired of your nagging wife and demanding boss? Let our submissive girls please and delight you during a BDSM phone sex session! We know you work hard and sometimes you have to unleash your inner dominant daddy, to let off some of that tension. What better way to pleasure and be pleasured, than by indulging in your bondage fetish and having a little kinky fun making your submissive pet squirm and squeal. Bondage fetish and slave training is an excellent way to take out your aggressions on a misbehaving fuck toy.
You’ve acquired a brand new cock doll, and you’ve decided tonight’s the night you’re going to break her in. You just recently purchased a large, 4 bedroom home, and remodeled one of the rooms to be your own personal dungeon. Complete with St. Andrews Cross, bondage devices

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